Our Programs

Endurothon Oz has a few programs that we are running across Australia.
Contact us to be a part of it and book in an education discovery session.

School Programs

Endurothon Oz delivers an interactive educational program, which educates students on the effects plastic pollution has on our environment.

Through the program, we teach students:

  1. How to recycle responsibly
  2. Be more aware of their plastic footprint
  3. The effects of plastic pollution, from the environment to health
  4. How one individual can make a change

The Endurothon Oz program will also give an insight into our founders (Kieren Devisser) epic journey around Australia and they will be able to find out why he chose to undertake such a task. Our programs are not only fun and educational, but they will inspire students to help make a plastic free ocean.


Business Programs

Endurothon Oz is calling on businesses to go single use plastic free through our GO BLUE initiative.

We assist businesses in making the switch into going blue.

We will:

  1. Give you all information regarding going blue
  2. Help and support you whilst you are transitioning into a plastic free work space
  3. Educate your staff on the importance of going blue

Most businesses have a substantial plastic foot-print, we want to significantly lower your footprint so we can stop plastic pollution at its source.


Community Challenge

What is it?

The community challenge is calling on communities, businesses, families and individuals to set a challenge for Founder Kieren Devisser. They must come up with the challenge, and the challenge will under go a risk assessment. If given the all clear, Kieren will under go the challenge.

Challenges can range anywhere from sleeping in Australia’s most haunted house to laying in a pit of snakes. As long as the risk assessment gives the go ahead, he’ll be there.

What are the rules?

  • Minimum pledge to set a challenge is $1,000
  • Kieren and the team are only allowed to knock back a challenge if the Endurothon schedule is too tight
  • If Kieren undergoes the challenge and fails to complete, the challenger only needs to donate 50% of the original pledge
  • The challenger must cover all costs of the challenge and organise it
  • If the challenger pledges $5,000, Kieren and the team can NOT say no to the challenge
  • Any challenges set must give the team 2 weeks notice of the challenge

Challenge Facts

  • All challenges will be filmed and put on our YouTube series
  • Challenges will be largely covered over Social media
  • If a business or community pledges the challenge, their logo or community will be largely advertised during that YouTube series and uploaded to social media

Beach Clean Events

With 8 million tonnes of plastic entering the ocean every year, a large chunk of that washes up on our shores, only to be dragged back out again.

Our beach cleaning events are seeking to clean the rubbish that washes up, whilst cleaning any rubbish that has carelessly been left there.

We call on businesses, schools, families and individuals to volunteer their time and join us as we clean beaches across Australia. If you join us on our beach cleaning adventures, you will not only get a wider insight into.

beach clean
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