Our goal is to stop plastic pollution at its source!
See below on how we plan to do this.

The Mission

The Endurothon team are incredibly dedicated to cleaning our oceans and we want the people of Australia to jump on board and help end this plastic war.

Our goal is to stop plastic pollution at its source by getting hospitality venues / businesses and families to go plastic free.

Australian’s need to be educated on the harmful impact plastic pollution is having on our oceans. People need to be made aware that they are unknowingly contributing to that pollution and what they can do to help reduce and stop the problem.

We will be running beach cleans, community cleans and delivering educational talks to schools and businesses.

Find out more about our programs and how to get involved.

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The Main Event

Our team is so dedicated to solving the plastic problem, we have thrown the founder, Kieren Devisser a seemingly impossible task.

Kieren will be cycling, kayaking and running 25,000 kilometres around Australia, travelling through some of Australia’s toughest terrain to raise $1 Million to clean the oceans.

Commencing in 2020, Kieren will start in Melbourne and finish in Melbourne. During the trip, he will travel to some of Australia’s most attractive natural landmarks, including kayaking the entire Murray River. The entire journey will take around 350 days.

The support crew will be following Kieren’s movements and will be uploading a web episode via social media every fortnight. The web episodes will give insights into the journey, the ups and
downs and everything we have achieved in the war against plastic.

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About the Founder

Kieren Devisser has always had a vision to help change the world. In 2014, Kieren at the age of 16 rode from Uluru to Melbourne to raise money for Cancer research.

Kieren has always been passionate about the environment, spending as much time in nature as he can get. Plastic pollution first sparked his interest when he moved to Queensland with his fiancé and helped a couple clean his favourite beach. Now, 21 years old, shocked by what he found during his extensive research on plastic pollution, Kieren has set himself a new challenge. To clean our oceans and stop the problem at its source!

Kieren will be putting his body under extreme conditions whilst using his body power to travel 25,000 kilometres around Australia to raise $1,000,000. Combining the 3 things he is passionate about (Nature, Sport and Charity) he is dedicating himself to help clean the planet.

“I’m extremely passionate about cleaning our oceans. We all need to jump on board and be a part of this mission.”

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Where will the money go?

Every single donation will go straight into fighting this plastic war, and every amount helps! If you can’t physically take part then your donation is still a huge part of contributing to the clean up.

Your donation is extremely valuable and a crucial part of the GO BLUE FOR BIG BLUE mission for Australia.

All funds raised will go towards:

  • Cleaning our oceans, beaches and communities
  • It will fund programs in educating future generations to go blue and stay blue
  • Assist in educating businesses and pitching for them to go blue
  • Assist with marine life effected by plastic